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so let me say a few things 
im about to graduate high school in couple months so ive been pretty focused on that but ive been also working towards a better relationship with my art and what i really love to do and ive come to a lot of conclusions and i plan to start acting on them
truthfully ive been in a very deep rut and i keep thinking oh ill start drawing again soon dont worry itll all work out but thats a lie because my want to create art has plummeted very low
now thats disappointing and awful but ive been forcing myself forward with it because its what i love to do 
and every time i come back to deviant art im reminded that i have yet to do anything of importance in a long time so 

getting to the point, if anyone every reads this thing, i want you to leave a comment and give me something to draw. anything at all. im going to draw it. probably on paper. i will do it. i need you all. please do it. 
you could tell me to draw a tree, a dick, a lego character, an animal, a food item, you could send me a picture of something and id draw it in my own style. i dont care !!!! ill do it!!!! so please please dont have mercy spam me with things

thanks and please dont forget to comment
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so hey i uploaded tons of fanfictions ive written since so many people have been asking about them 
did that on my fanfiction so check that out 
i dont remember who was asking about it a couple days ago but its there now so link is in my description on my main page 
im also writing something new so !
and im gonna scan a lot of art eventually but im being too hopeful in my ability 
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United States

ALWAYS ask before using my art in anything, editing it, and/or posting it other places.

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