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IM DOING COMMISSIONS !!! i wont leave you alone i will not 

Here's the stuff i said in that link up there just because 

If you want something small, I will bring the price down. 


I’m doing commissions cause I really need the money!! So here are the regulations of this thing!
(If something you want isn’t mentioned just ask me about it and there’s a good chance that I will do whatever you want!!)


"Name (username): 
How You Want It:

"Name (username): psuliem.deviantart (your username with whatever site you want me to contact you on)
Character(s): Lloyd Garmadon (The character(s)/animal(s)/creatures(s) etc. that you want!)
+Reference(s):… (just a reference of the character unless you dont think i need one or i know of the show/thing you want)
How You Want It: I want him to be looking up at the sky and being cute (you can make it as detailed as possible or you and give me a ton of artistic freedom to just go nuts with it!)
Other: I want it colored with a soft sunset background! (Things like, Id like it to be colored or id like it to be a rough sketch or "i dont care how you do it! i just want this character drawn in your style!)"

- I’ll sketch anything, including landscape and rooms. 

- No NSFW tho (but gore is okay)
- You can ask for paper drawings to be inked! 
- I’ll do small amounts of color if you choose digital
- Multiple characters are okay
- I could doodle all over an 9x12 page for you and fill it with whatever you want
- NO detailed backgrounds, just colors
- I do little comics

I DONT BITE GUYS COME ON !! Only $15 or less!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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United States

ALWAYS ask before using my art in anything, editing it, and/or posting it other places.

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LidyGarmadon Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Writer
Happy birthday.
NIAN-NINJA Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2015  New Deviant
i know this is a stupid question but...could you give me some advice? i have been drawing now for over 2 hours...and i am failing and i need someone who is as good as you to give me some least tell me steps to go through that make up your art................i know i know this might be asking for too much and im sorry i just dont have any art up yet and its hard to draw on the computer.......thanks.. :)
Huggle! Clap 
psuliem Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2015
sorry for this late reply! but i hope something i say here helps. im not really an expert on this kinda thing!! 
so basically all i really do is doodle and draw like complex stick figures in poses until i find one i like or i look up poses on the internet or just pictures of anything at all and find small things i like? lately ive been running a lloyd garmadon ask blog on tumblr and the questions i get on there are good motivation because people give me things to think about. so maybe have a friend tell you what to draw or just a random person! also ive been drawing side projects for myself and my AP portfolio and those things are original works like my original characters where i think of a concept and then form a character from it. which you can do that too for inspiration! just find a concept like "big fluffy pillows" and form a character around it!
ive been doodling a lot of animals too and that has really helped to boost my creativity. ive been having the same kind of issue for the past year where i really cant drawing anything. but honestly i think if you have a sketch book and you go out and doodle anything you see just birds or trees or people, that things will get easier for you to have motivation whenever you want to! and you dont have to draw anything on point or in exact details, you can even just draw like cans of soda or anything.
as for drawing digitally trying taking a picture of something you drew on paper or scanning it, opening it in your art program, and then tracing over it to practice with smooth lines, and when youre a beginner with digital art its good to master simple things like base colors and memorize the color wheel. then look up references on how to color things different and start adding more into what youve got. 
uh i hope i didnt go too off track of the point or your questions here but thats really all i got for ya. good luck! link me when you finish something! 8)
NIAN-NINJA Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2015  New Deviant
omg thank you sooooo much...i wrote down all the things that could help me and i really appreciate your effort to make me feel inspired.i accually finished a painting of jay because he is my favorite so i thought...(eh why not.) i got really bored and i just drew what came to mind. and i am really proud of myself because,strange enough...this is exactly how i draw on paper.....and i wasnt even looking at any of my previous drawings....and i drew a (intentional) derpy drawing of friend stayed the night and we did a contest of who could do the derpiest character  from any tv i decided..kai from ninjago! XD and..i won.
thank you sooo much im so happy you were willing to give advice..
psuliem Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2015
oh good ! im glad i could help at least a little bit. im usually around every so often but i only reply to comments that really need replies uvu 
good luck with your art i hope things go well <3
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